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COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGYCO.,ltd.(COFCO ET) under COFCO Corporation, one of the global top 500 companies, which is formed by the former four Scientific Research & Design Institutes (Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Xian, Wuhan) of the State Administration of Grain. As the four different departments of COFCO ET, all these institutes founded in 1960s are specializing in Technology R&D in the grain and oil industry (like wheat, rice, oil and fat, corn, feed processing, grain logistic and storage), Engineering design, consulting and contracting, and also equipment …
WUXI COFCO ENGINEERING & TECHONOLOGY CO., LTD holds a lot of top class qualified certificates issued by the National Development & Reform Commission, the Ministry of Construction of China and other departments of our nation. Such as Class-A certificates of engineering design, EPC, engineering consultation, Class-B certificates of engineering & equipment supervision and Metrology Accreditation certificate. It got the foreign project contracting qualification by the Ministry of Commerce and was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation as Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights. It has successfully passed the testing of quality control system ISO9001 as well as the testing of low voltage electric equipment and it is granted 3C certificate.
| Contents of Service

 [General Contract] 
To provide clients with engineering general contract (EPC) or engineering management service (EPCM) including engineering consultation, design, procurement, supervision, equipment installation,test-run and technical training, etc.
 [Engineering Design] 
To provide clients with design services including general planning, preliminary design (or scheme design), construction drawing design, engineering budget compiling, etc. 
 [Engineering Consultation] 
To provide clients with consultation services include compiling project suggestion report (project establishing report), feasibility study report (project application report), and providing investment consultation
 [Engineering & Equipment Supervision] 
To provide clients with supervision of construction engineering and supervision of complete equipment in fields of rice, flour, oil, feed and grain store.
 [Application research]
To carry out research & development on new technology, equipments and products in fields of gains, oils, feedstuff, granary and logistics, etc.

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